Repertoire List

Soprano / Tenor Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone

Sonata in Gminor BWV 1024- Bach

3 Folk Songs from the County of Csik- Bela Bartok

Romanian Dances- Bela Bartok

Sonata- Richard Rodney Bennett

Gate- Graham Fitkin

Jim and Pam and Pam and Jim- Graham Fitkin

Where the Bee Dances- Michael Nyman

Fantasia- Heitor Villa Lobos

Elegy For Trane- Jeremy Wall

Towards the Light- Roy Powell

Childrens Songs- Chick Corea arr. Rob Buckland

Intereference- Will Gregory

Concerto for Soprano Saxophone- Michael Torke

Melodrama- Lucy Armstrong



Tenor Saxophone

Out of Line- Adam Caird


Iguazu Come down and Dance- Tony Davis

Gigue for Tenor Saxophone- Daniel Lim *

Tin Can- Andy Scott

Deep Blue- Andy Scott

Alto Saxophone


AltoGenesis- Rob Buckland

Sonata- Gary Carpenter


Sonata- Paul Creston

Rhapsodie- Paul Creston

Syrinx- Claude Debussy

Concerto- Alexander Glazunov

Pequena Czardas- Pedro Itturalde

Concerto- Nikolai Kasputin

Tableaux De Provence- Paule Maurice

Jazz Sonata- Phil Woods


Fuzzy Bird Sonata- Takashi Yoshimatsu

Deep Purple- Rudy Wiedoeft

-This list shows a selection of repertoire available for concert performance, but isn't exhaustive. For more information on repertoire, please send me a message via the Contact Form


* Marked pieces were either commissioned by or written for Tom.